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Demographics of the English speaking community of Laval

Laval is the fastest growing English speaking community in Quebec, having increased 61.8% over the course of the last four census periods. New data from the 2016 census shows that English speakers number 90,980 in Laval and make up 21.8% of the total population. Compared to many other regions of Quebec, and beyond, Laval's English speaking community is relatively younger in comparison, have the bulk of the population in the 25-44 age group. We also have many more young families, where children aged 0-14 make up 17% of the Laval population.


These findings speak to the need for more bilingual health and social service professionals in our Health system and in Laval's community resources. In addition, income gaps are very much present in the English speaking community, where lower educational and income levels are pronounced within a segment of this community (vulnerability within the English speaking community).


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