Investing Towards the Future
of Health and Social Services in Laval
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Promotion activities with the health and social services network

With the collaboration of Agape's partners in the local health and social service institutions through its work with the Networking Partnership Initiative, health professionals from Laval will be instrumental in promoting careers in health and social services to our English speaking youth of Laval and the advantages of working here.

By investing in our English speaking youth and encouraging interest in the health and social service professions, we can increase English speaking professionals in our region. Having them not only work in our region but also having them invest in their own community of origin would contribute greatly to the well-being of the community as a whole.

In addition, current Health and Social Service professionals will be provided opportunities to develop their English Language skills and forming better relationships with the English speaking community. This will be done in a perspective which will allow for better quality health and social service assessment and intervention in English for Laval's growing client base.

Language and cultural activities for professionals from the health and social services network

-Agape will extend invitations to professionals from the health and social services network to participate at the Agape-NPI table and invite them to dialogue with other partners in English.

 -Agape will also invite these professionals to our English schools to exchange with students and staff.

 -We will additionally welcome these professionals to our annual general meetings and open house activities.

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