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Community Health and Social Service Leadership Bursary Program

Bursaries are back for 2019. We are awarding two conditional bursaries of $10,000 each.

  1. Students who pursue their studies in the fields of health or social services may be eligible for the Community Health and Social Service Leadership Bursary program of up to $10,000. Bursaries are awarded on a yearly basis and require a commitment on the part of the student to practice their profession in Laval for one year, once they have successfully completed their studies.

Requirements & Eligibility:

  1. Are Canadian citizens who have resided in Canada for at least 2 years (24 months);*
  2. ·Are permanent residents who have resided in Canada for at least 2 years (24 months);*
  3. ·Have the appropriate English and French language skills to provide health and social services in a health and social services institution in Quebec;
  4. ·Are pursuing studies in a government recognized educational institution;
  5. ·Are currently accepted into or pursuing full-time studies (the educational institution that the students are attending considers them as such) in a government recognized health and social services program  that permits the students to work professionally in Quebec upon completion of studies
  6. Are registered full-time during the 2018-2019 Academic Year                                                                   
  7. Are committed, following completion of studies, to working in Laval in the field of health and social services in a public health and social services institution or related organization for a minimum of one year;
  8. Agree, upon completion of studies, to participate in any follow-up, monitoring or evaluation of the Program conducted by the McGill Project and/or AGAPE.

Please note that the Bursary Program is not applicable to students:

-  Registered in independent or non-degree programs;

-  Registered in distance and on-line training programs

             Selection Criteria:

  1. The student’s demonstrated history of community involvement;
  2. The student’s commitment to working in Laval following completion of studies, in a public health and social services institution or related organization for a minimum of one year per bursary awarded;
  3. The compatibility of the student’s field of study with the identified regional priorities or vulnerable job categories;
  4.  The quality of the student’s academic standing;
  5. The quality, content and presentation of the application

Qualifying programs: 


  1. Nursing
  2. Physical Rehabilitation
  3. Social Service
  4. Soins Infirmiers
  5. Special Care Counselling
  6. Techniques de Réadaptation physique
  7. Techniques de travail social
  8. Techniques en éducation spécialisée
  9. Actualisation professionnelle en soins
  10. infirmiers
  11. Agent en gérontologie-gériatrie
  12. Intégration à la profession infirmière du Québec
  13. Intervenant en gérontologie
  14. Intervention en milieu de vie auprès de la personne en perte d’autonomie
  15. Support and Intervention in Palliative Care
  16. Techniques d’aide aux personnes âgées ou en perte d’autonomie
  17. Transition to Nursing in Quebec for Internationally-Educated Nurses


University (Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate levels)

  1. Audiology
  2. Certificate in Special Education
  3. Communication Sciences and Disorders
  4. Diploma in Human Relations and Family Life
  5. Éducation spécialisée
  6. Gérontologie sociale
  7. Intégration socio-économique des personnes ayant une déficience intellectuelle
  8. Intervention jeunesse
  9. Intervention psychosociale
  10. Intervention sociale
  11. Nursing
  12. Nursing communautaire
  13. Nurse practitioner
  14. Occupational Therapy
  15. Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy
  16. Pratiques psychosociales
  17. Psychoéducation
  18. Psychologie clinique (doctorat)
  19. Psychology (applied and field work)
  20. Réadaptation motrice et sensorielle
  21. Réadaptation occupationnelle
  22. Réadaptation physique
  23. Santé communautaire
  24. Santé mentale
  25. Social work
  26. Speech and Language Pathology

 Other important information

-If unable to obtain work in the Laval region in the field of health and social services in a public health and social services institution or related organization, the recipient will be considered to have met his/her commitments by working in one of the three adjacent regions: Lanaudière, Laurentides or Montérégie-Ouest for a minimum of one year                                  

  -Should the bursary recipient not be able to meet his/her commitments, he/she will have to report in writing to AGAPE and reimburse the allocated funding;

·       -Should the bursary recipient drop out of the agreed upon program of study or default on his/her commitment in any other way, he/she must reimburse AGAPE, any money received, within three years following the date he/she dropped out or defaulted

       -Should the recipient default on his/her commitment by ceasing to work in the health and social services field in Laval or one of the three adjacent regions before the fixed period has expired, he/she must reimburse the AGAPE, within three years, the amount of the bursary prorated for the remaining period;

       -If the recipient can only secure part-time employment, repayment time is considered to be the equivalent in hours of one year of full-time work;

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